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Are you at least between 5'10" and 6'1" (1.78-1.80m) tall? (If you are 6'3" or taller, there are more than enough jobs out there for you)! Do you weigh 11-12 atones (70-78kg)? Are your measurements 40-32-38? There are modelling opportunities for men of slight, average, muscular and even very muscular builds. It all depends on the client and what they are looking for. The ideal suit sizes for men are 38 or 40. Most successful models have a well-muscled body and they work out to stay in shape.

You need to consider the career span in modelling. A female fashion models will not normally work much past her late twenties, although supermodels can be older. Men can enter into modelling at any age, provided they have a suitable look. Modelling can be compared to a professional acting or sports career in that it has high earning potential but a limited life-span. It is advisable for those who begin modelling while at school to complete their education before starting a full-time career. Most models get into journalism, make-up artistry, styling or working as a booker in an agency after leaving modelling. Ask yourself what you would do once you had stopped modelling. Your experiences, knowledge and skills should open up new opportunities for your post-modelling career.


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